10-days Eco trip into the ethnicity and the authenticity of the Balkans.

Trip includes flight, visits of old monasteries & historic villages, room & board in typical Bulgarian houses, taste of the authentic local food, travel trough raw & untouched nature, and soaking in one of the many natural mineral water springs of the country.

Gina Gina from Orlando, FL will be your local guide and insider. Born in Bulgaria she is certified guide since 1972.

Immerge in a new and different culture!

"Bulgaria was quite the surprising — and amazing — road trip. There are endless fields of sunflowers, historic buildings, and snowcapped mountains with beautiful grassy slopes to see along the way. The best way to do it is to drive through the entire country and make stops throughout. The best five places to visit? Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Govedartsi, and Rila. You’ll find great food in Veliko Tarnovo, scenic lakes in Govedartsi, and a 10th century monastery in Rila. The driving itself is pretty easy, too, as most signs are in English, and most of the roads are fairly well-kept. Everything is relatively close together as well, so hit it up in one week, or take your time and spread it out over a month." Erin Bender, Travel With Bender

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